Father's Day and beyond

What do you want?

So, lately I have been thinking “what ideas do you have for blog content?”. Do you, the reader,  like blogs that are funny, serious, cooking or baking related, or maybe even about drawing? If you have any ideas for blog topics please email me at ava@avasarch.com. I’m really excited to here all of your awesome ideas.


So what do you want? It is Father’s Day. Did you get to spend time with a special male person in your life? A dad, or a granddad, uncle, brother or guardian that has helped you? I did. I spent today with my dad. We took time to go to Brunch, to talk about what summer plans we have and to most importantly stuff ourselves on yummy food. The Italian part of me loves food! Eating out or in, food is a great way to spend time together with family or the family we choose and create new memories.

This year I decided to buy my dad a diary of things that he can fill out so that I have a record of things that he wrote down for when I am older. When I moved to America I wanted to be near my grandpa, but he died shortly after we settled here. I am an American citizen through my mom. I was little when he died but I wanted to know a lot about him. My mom can tell me but some of the thing were not written down. He and I were very close. We both love desserts and being silly. He would drive me to the park or to a museum. He took me to a lot of fun places and I do have these memories. Now I am older and I have questions that go beyond cakes and parks. We do not always have the time to ask the questions we need to when we need to. There is never a right time. Time is something that you cannot get back when someone leaves you. So I now say ask the questions, write things down, and try to remember how they affect me. It is important to make these a priority.

We have more time now that summer break is coming. Take the time to think about what you want. If I can help by writing about a topic that you suggest, then I will. If not, I hope you will keep reading and tell me what you think. Building bridges does not happen alone. So Happy Father’s Day to all of those who are strong role models and who make a difference in your life!

Have a great week! -Ava