Family Time and sometimes a bit too much.....

Family time:

Wow! Week one down, how many more to go? I cannot complain about the flexibility but not having a teacher to cover the lesson is a bit difficult. We are all in this together, they tell us. Everyone is working from home, staying home, spending lots and lots of time at home. So what can we do?

First, stay calm even if you must stay with your family and it is getting to be too much family time. We need to remember that there are a lot of kids who are not home with their families; they may be in foster care, a hospital or just not able to be with a family member that they really miss. I hope if you are one of the many who is facing this situation that you know how important you are and that we are thinking about you. It is not a nice time to be separated and not a nice time to feel scared.

Second, if you can get ahead of boredom and feeling restless try chalking your driveway, patio, front step with a happy colorful photo. Perhaps, you can skip rope in your yard or pick flowers in your garden to bring inside your home. If you really want to earn brownie points, you might organize your room? I know this last one is not as much fun but once in a while a check on what you have is a good idea.

Third, express yourself. It is ok to feel whatever you feel. You can be mad that your dance recital is canceled, or another event postponed. You can feel happy that you do not have to take a bus to school. Maybe you are just confused about how all of this started and has affected so many. None of this is comfortable, and many adults are probably even worse at feeling good about this.

Think of what an adult is going through if they have never had to change the way they do something in a big way! They are not on a schedule, not going into an office, not meeting up with their work partners, not taking lunch breaks, and not having an end of workday routine. Adults can be less flexible than kids.

We are all learning a new way and how to cope. So feel what you want, do what you like and try your best. This is not the time to judge, we have to remember to be patient, especially with the adults, and to always wash our hands. Health is so important. If you can keep your mind healthy, then your body will also have a good chance of keeping you healthy. This way you can do the things that you enjoy and continue to play. This is not our normal forever, but for now it is and we must find ways to keep our spirits up!

Have a good week-Ava