Exercise for Everyone

Today I was feeling frustrated. Being young has some drawbacks. We belong to a health club and it has a gym upstairs. My mom, dad and brother can use it, but I am too young. This really annoys me. I know I am responsible enough to workout on a treadmill or a step machine on low speed. I know that if I am with my mom when we exercise at home that I can join in, but health clubs are different they have rules I don’t like sometimes because I am too young.

I started to think about what it is like to be different. Not all places like special needs kids. We are lucky to have a health club that accepts us. So many places do not want special needs kids and even though they advertise to everyone, they really do not mean it. My brother did have this happen to him a few years ago. He did not realize that it happened to him just that he was told not to return. Mom and Dad were not happy. He is fine at our current place, they are accepting and helpful; and he is old enough to use the equipment with help.

As a kid, exercise should be available everywhere. Kids need exercise. We are growing and we have a lot of energy. Outside sports and activities are great of course, but something the stuff that gyms have is really cool but not allowed until a certain age.

I have seen some great programs just for different-able kids and adults. Places where acceptance, equipment and sports are adapted to different needs. I hope more parents take their kids to use these places. Kids of all levels and abilities need exercise for health, to feel better and to get the energy out that can be building up from a frustrating day at school or just from being a kid.

I want adults to know that exercise also helps to keep weight stable and build muscle. We do a lot of exercise in our house and we do enjoy it a lot. Together we swim at the Health Club, play tennis at home in the driveway, jump on the trampoline or ride bikes. We do it for fun, even though it is also healthy. So while I may still have some negotiations with our health club to get into their gym, staying fit can happen anywhere. If you are not accepted somewhere, or you are just plain not old enough you can still have fun outside in a park, in your driveway or back yard. You can make exercise fun anywhere you want and it does not have to cost you a membership fee.