End of Term

Well that semester seemed to last a year. Haven’t heard from me in a while because homework dominates my life. You know that time when it is the end of the marking period and everything seems to be due at the same moment, and you have other obligations too, so that hours of homework seem to become days of homework.  It is a real kid stress for all of us. My class literally has so much to study that it is all we can fit into a day, a week, a weekend and still feel like we are drowning. Finishing off this marking period was tough. I learned a lot about outcomes and what is expected.

Here is some good news. Things called “other obligations” that can make the stressful stuff a bit more manageable. For me this is tennis. Tennis is a great sport for running, hitting and coordination. This is important to me because volleying or serving gets my nervous energy out and it helps me focus. Each swing with a racket is supposed to make contact a tennis ball. When this happens correctly the ball makes a thwack sound and that makes for a great hit. This also releases something called endorphins and they help you feel better. You may not like tennis, but you might have another sport that makes you de-stress; If not, then a run outside or a game with your family, that is good too.

This week marks the start of a second marking period. I am armed and prepared with number 2 pencils and more index cards than I can stack. Studying will not go away and it will not get easier but at least I am prepared, I understand that I will do my best with the material presented to me and then I will knock my studies out of the park. You will do your best too. Unlike a volley or a serve, you got to go big, bring home your best grade because you worked hard and knocked it out of the park. If you know that you did absolutely everything in your power to do your best than leave it at that. So do your best, try your best, and be your best.