Disaster and resolve

When disaster strikes, either personally or in the community how do you handle it? Are you one who crawls up under the covers and pretends that the day is over or do you want to get involved? Disaster can mean different things to different people but usually it is something completely life changing in some way and with consequences that cannot be changed easily or quickly.

This past week Texas had a disaster. The terrible bitter cold took away power for heat and electricity leaving many freezing for days. Something like this is an extreme but it is happening more and more. In the middle of a situation like this, it takes away your patience, your ability to think clearly, and all your emotions come at once leaving very little room for rational thought or options to fix the situation.

When I sat listening to the conflicting news reports regarding Texas and what they should have done or could be doing some where blaming, somewhere fleeing and some were compelled to act. I feel that if there is a way to help close by or from far away it is a good use of energy to get involved and make the problem a little lighter for someone.  The route problems are discovered in time but it does not help in the moment. 

We all need help sometimes and to see positive examples for a call to act means that we have positive examples to learn from. The Representative who was able to raise money for Texas, even though it is not her state, shows that we can connect to people who are not known to us until we need them. This is not political, just an example of saying something should be done, making a call to action and then doing what you said to address the situation. Words need results.

At one time or another in our lives we will have a disaster, or several, that affect us individually, or as family or in the community. We can pretend that everything is fine and hide under the covers ( well not forever) but the problems will still be there later. At any given time I am sure you have a family matter, or a sibling or a school issue that is imploding and causes extreme stress. This is when you need to find your own call to action. Do you need help working through it, does a family member need services or specialized attention to address a problem, or is it this new math that is driving you crazy and you need a tutor? Everybody’s disaster may be different, but we need to see the positives in the resources at hand, in our family and in our communities that if we work to identify the problem, define it, and then address it that we are building a better network of survival. It shows resolve and responsibility. 


Have a great week - Ava