Destressing and Coping

We are well into the third marking period of the school year, but it is still far from over. How can we cope with the mounting pressure and still preform well? There are several options to deal with stress and the underlying home issues that can arise from a turned upside down home life that goes with hybrid or home schooling.

Mediation and yoga are good ways to center your mind and body. These methods take you out of your body and let you concentrate on breathing or on poses that restore energy. We need good energy. The way we take in oxygen and how we think can work together to calm our minds and decrease the stressor in our bodies so that we think clearly. This will help clear the air and reset the day. My favorites are the sun salutation, child’s pose, downward facing dog, and tree pose to get your started on stretching, centering and balancing.

One type of breathing that I find helpful is called Triangle breathing. In your mind picture a triangle shape. Inhale as you trace a line up the left side, hold as trace a line down the right side, and then exhale you go along the bottom of the triangle with your finger. Then repeat. This helps to concentrate on your diaphragm breathing or belly breathing, and re-center your energy while you concentrate on this task.

Other things that help to destress are candles that have cinnamon, lavender, or vanilla, as examples. The scents help to open the mind and decrease the sensory stressors that ignite over activity in the brain. Of course, get an adult’s permission before you start lighting candles on your own.

Also, water helps to destress. Oceans, lakes, rivers for example all have the calming effects of running water in nature. If you are landlocks, a hot shower, or bath, or even the recordings of water running, or a sound machine can help to stimulate the mind and remove the daily stressors if even temporarily.

Try any or all of these options to see what works for you. School, homes life, hybrid education and all the parts of growing up have parts that influence how your day is going. Special needs kids and adults benefit from these exercises too because they can be even more sensitive to outside factors that are disrupting their routines. Any or all of these can be practices along or as a family. Whatever makes you the most comfortable.