Depression can overcome you OR you can overcome It.

Well something to celebrate, we are about half the way through this school year! So how has it been for you? I know that I am happily counting down to summer break!  There have been so many social restrictions, delays or changes to daily schedules and so much talk about social distancing. This is enough to make anyone depressed and fed up. So, lets get serious about the topic of depression or the feeling that this is never going to end.

Depression is a mental health condition where you cannot get out of feeling sad, hopeless, useless, and when it gets too bad it can lead to death. I do not mean to bring you down even further these feelings are made worse by, Covid 19. It has already killed most of our social lives, but it is a disease that has also taken a lot of lives. It is not fair, and it is complicated with all the new strains coming about. So, what can you do to keep you feeling good? Stay in touch with your friends, stay in touch with your family, stay in touch with how you can help others. I know that when you do not feel like doing something that any of these can seem too much. It is important that we try to build and hold on to the important relationships that we had before Covid-19. I was listening to a congressman talk about loosing his own son during the Covid lockdowns. He said, “suicide is permanent solution to a temporary situation.” This may sound extreme but think about it for a moment…… how bad would you have to feel, awful if this is the choice. So, depression is real, and it is also manageable.  

So first, you talk about it. Nothing that happens in school this year from grades to social changes should be enough to think of suicide. Life is full of experiences, and not defined by this time period unless you give it that much importance.  If you cannot reach out to a friend or family member and have conversations that help, schools have counselors and there are also many health providers who work with kids and adults to work on these feelings.

Ok, ok, if this is all too heavy to read, then consider this. Make a vision board. Yes, a board on which you put the important things to you on and create the images you see for your future. Then keep a list of how you want to achieve these goals. The goals may change of course, but as long as you can keep thinking and moving toward your visions then you are moving through the negative and focusing on the positive.