Dear Brother

Dear Brother,

You do not understand. How can you when your world is so different from mine and yet now exactly the same. We are in “lock down”, a term that we all use too much. We have to socially distance, a term that explains how you interact in the World around you, and yet does not describe how you are always in someone’s space. Then you say this virus is not real….. but it is. You cannot see it so how can it be explained? You have not felt it so why would you believe?

You get angry at everyone who tells you we need to be safe. You are frustrated that you have to wear a mask out in public. Even though we only go to the end of street for a walk it is too far for you to wear a mask because it does not feel right on your skin. Your therapists work with you over your phone or computer, but no one visits anymore. You used to look forward to seeing people face to face because friendships are hard, and no one ever seems to be on your complex social level.

You love to kick your football and that is why daddy put the huge net in the backyard because you kick with such accuracy through the T bar that before you had to collect footballs from the neighbors yards. You ride your bike so fast that we can lose you in a second, but you find your way home even faster. Your have so much athletic ability, and now your beloved swimming season is cancelled and there will be no Special Olympics this spring either to look forward to.

Your bus doesn’t come. Your teachers do not go to school either. Your world has literally stopped working and your routine is upside down. I can’t explain to you that your frustration is my frustration too. I hate it when you get mad at me and then it becomes a fight. You barely remember who is older, you are by the way. Still, you are also not too phased by being schooled at home, you like to work with mom in the morning. You miss your classmates but are also not too bothered. It is complicated.

How can I tell you that it will be OK when we do not have the answers? The TV is on a lot with news updates, school is online, and mom makes sure you get educated. The school part does not bother you even though you are not on your academic level. You want to learn. Life has changed but is that good or bad. We are all waiting to see.

So dear brother, hang in there. This is something we are all going through together, something different, a bit scary, and full of unknowns. You probably will handle this better than most because your world is full of unfamiliar social ques. It is much harder for people with lots of friends and lots of places to be. Dear brother, we will be ok in end and most of the world will finally get a glimpse into the uncertainties of your everyday.


Have a great week! ---Ava