Cruel intentions

While are are all complaining about Covid and how it is affecting our daily living, I heard the story about the kid with a disability that was pantsed in a park in New Jersey. How incredibly sad for our world. How cruel  what happened to the boy! Think about how his family feels, his siblings, and beyond. Think about the actions that occurred through an act of disrespect, hate, bullying just for someone else to have a laugh! It is not funny it is indescribably unhuman!!!

 Was it worth it to those who filmed and are now being held accountable? Was it worth it to scar a kid and those around him with those actions? What a symbol of what happens to the vulnerable, the unassuming, those who want to just play at a park!

 People can be cruel or worse jump to conclusions without the facts. So many people have disabilities and whether they know they have a disability or not, this can be a problem for others. The first thing that is interesting to some is that people do not see a disability. Isn’t that great! They do not see themselves as different; but then others do and can be so cruel.

Think before you act. Think what would you do if it was your brother? Your sister? How would your parents feel? I hope if you consider what your laugh or wrong conclusion would do to a family of a child with disabilities. Our system is already so broken. Sometimes the kids words are wrong, or they cannot speak, or they are expressing something scary and adults just get it wrong. It scars all of those involved. This story was so uncomfortable because it hits the heart of the world. Being different is challenging, confusing, and at times unfair to the person and at times to the family. Nobody wants to be or look different so think and think hard before you hurt someone.

Be kind this weekend and to all those who celebrate Happy Rosh Hashanah