Covid vaccines opening up

With the vaccine group opening up to 12-15 years old, it has raised a lot of questions. My brother asked, “what will the vaccine do to my body?” This is a fair point because people seem to have different reactions to whichever shot they received. So how do you explain what the shot will do? It is certainly not familiar since it is new to everyone.

First, this is exciting as being vaccinated opens up the ability to do more things and eventually get some normalcy. Second for us at least, it means that there will be less stress about complications if someone were to contract Covid. What we were faced with us explaining to my brother what the vaccine does. He wants to know, “what will the vaccine do to my body?” How do you explain something that you can’t see? Well as far as we know it is the same as being vaccinated for other things that your pediatrician gives you when you are little and throughout your school years. This one is newer so we do not have all the facts. Our answer is to be excited that you can soon get rid of your mask once you are vaccinated, and while it is a little bit uncomfortable it is worth it to be out with people again.

Vaccinating is a personal decision but if a kid can get it and wants to get it, then we all have to make sure that regardless of their abilities, that we can make them feel good about the option. No one likes getting shots, it is literally my worst fear, but in the end it is only a little bit of discomfort for staying healthy.