Covid on the rise, shut downs again?

Covid shut downs AGAIN???

Well guys here we are looking at rising numbers and probably lots of closings including schools. Everyone has an opinion on whether this is good or not, and everyone has different family needs. This is tough for kids who do better in school and are not comfortable with online school or do not have the support at home to stay online and follow lessons. Special needs families do find the change a challenge because the on-going support at school really helps. I think it helps everyone to see their teacher and understand assignments in person. The challenge of this strange half in person/ half at home or full remote schedules makes school feel like a real job and that childhood is being stolen by having to be more responsible than past generations to stay up to speed.

Anxiety and depression are certainly to be in the forefront again for many kids and adults. We are all so tired of social distancing, mask wearing, picking a pod of friends, tracking Covid symptoms and talking non-stop about the word of the year, LOCKDOWN. I worry that some will not see that this is temporary and fall into a deep slump that seems to have no end. I also worry that if we do not take drastic measures that so many people will be sick with Covid or have long term problems from Covid that we will not be able to recover as a community, a state , a country.

Parents have to rearrange schedules and make ends meet, and kids have to be home with their family way too much and have little social interactions when a school shutdown occurs. The economic fear is always in the news. There is no winning in beat Covid in the current situation, so we must do more for ourselves and our neighbors and families. We have to wear masks, we have to follow the scientific guidelines because right now nothing else is working as things get worse. Of course, measures are not comfortable and of course some feel oppressed; but if we can all do more to help stop this spread then we can keep businesses open, help to make our communities function better, give support to those who are most vulnerable from a change of routine, and kick Covid into the past. It is my hope that we can do more and be better toward each other so that sooner rather than later we can hug our friends, see our extended family and be a better future than what 2020 has shown us.  

This is going to be a real miracle to make all of this happen and support those who need help. I hope a miracle is coming, we have to have hope. If hope can be sped up by being safer and having to give up some of our normal to achieve this, then I choose hope. I look to our future and see hope.

Have a good and safe week- Ava