I love baking and cooking and making food that has color and flavor. It is part of my life. Cookies at Christmas for my teachers, presents for my friends, flipping pancakes….. Food brings happiness.

I love baking because it brings my family together, even if it is just the eating part. Having a brother who is challenged means that he is not always engaged in the preparation or cooking but he is very good at eating the final product. This is one way we can connect.

Sometimes I can line up the ingredients and he can pour them in. I am better at fractions. Recipes have fractions, math has fractions, teachers love fractions so it is all a learning experience. Frosting, icing, colored chocolate or a flavorful spice can really bring a meal or dessert to the next level. Lemon or lemon zest in most anything can make you smile. If you can find something that you love and you can include your family it is a really nice way to connect.