Conquering the mountain

A had the chance to tackle the Black level while skiing recently. It was like taking on the world. If you have even encountered a mountain in your path do you stare up at it in fear or do you conquer it?
A while back I was having a hard time. I came across some people who tried to bring me down lower than I was already feeling. They had no understanding or compassion for what it is like to be a kid or what challenges we face. They should have given their age and experience, but some people are just not good people. I talked to my mom and dad and we decided that best way to conquer a mountain is from the top down. This takes patience and practice so that you are in control of the situation and no other factors get in your way. This goes for negative people as well as what you want to achieve.
My love for acting has always given me an outlet to explore the emotions and expressions of words. Words are powerful and how you use them is equally powerful. When someone is not nice they are using their words to remove your power. Do not let them. Use your words, thoughts and emotions to take away other people's negativity and then they become powerless and your fear goes away.
Every day my mom puts little notes in my lunch container, she does this for my brother too. These are just positive thoughts to keep us going through the day whether leading up to a test, a performance, a practice or just because. Positive words bring about positive actions and this is how to conquer a mountain, or a person standing in your way of accomplishing your goal.
People may disappoint you if you put too much trust in what they think. It is how you think about yourself that matters. Trust in yourself that you are good and that what you want to accomplish is as important as you are.
I finally did conquer the Mountain, figuratively and actually! I walked away from the negative people and I do not look back. I then took on the Black level of mountains while skiing. I looked down this very steep decline and it had a new meaning.  From the top down it was scary because I had to get to the bottom. I had been begging to do it, but my parents wanted me to have patience and practice, but it was not as imposing as staring up at it initially. With control and self awareness I flew down that mountain feeling so great. It really felt like flying and I could do it with ease. It is a great feeling to achieve a goal like this!
So always put your best self forward. Bring your A game to the session. Let your light shine through and do not let a single mountain stand between you and what you are capable of achieving.
Have a wonderful day------Ava