Hi everyone,

Did you have a good weekend? It has been warm here, like shorts and t-shirt warm.

This weekend my family and I helped make blankets for the homeless and stuff socks with snacks too. CommUnity is an organization that helps the homeless in southern new jersey. The resources provided go to shelters in Burlington County, Camden County and Philadelphia. It was fun to meet new people and to get my whole family involved. I even asked a friend to come along and she had fun too. Helping others can be social and kind, and also makes everyone feel good. There will always be people who will appreciate your kind gesture, if not directly than just through your actions.

All we can do is help where we can, if people want to accept help into their lives. No one should ever have to feel lonely, sad, or be treated like an outcast just for being themselves. There is always time to turn a bad decision around or to make a change in life if things are not going your way.

Happy Monday- Ava