Being good humans

As kids we do not get many rights. Parents, teachers, adults have control of our lives until we are 18. So how do we know how to represent ourselves when things are not fair? For starters it is NOT like what we saw at the Capitol Wednesday night. Adults acting out and breaking things is wrong. They put their emotions before their intelligence. This is no example for us to follow. We may not get our way and we may not be able to change what adults do wrong, but we can be in control of ourselves and our own actions.

This event is hard to explain to many kids but as the events happened, it was especially hard to explain to kids with special needs. Their sensory overload was on high alert as either they watched it or they were told about. Some are scared which is normal, and some were very angry. This too is OK but what is done with the anger is most important to control.

No one should be swayed by negative influences, like groups who look like they are having fun smashing things, it is especially important to explain that this is NOT normal behavior. Adults and kids do not normally destroy things or act in this way because they are right and everyone else is wrong. Sometimes kids are not in control of their emotions, but we need to stop and address this immediately because they may miss the point. Destroying property, lying to people and giving the "OK" to make a mess is never the answer. If you are angry about it because you see it happening, it is NOT OK to act out either. It takes self-control and understanding. Whether we are still talking about kids, or special needs or adults, this is a lesson for everyone.

My hope is that the adults can start to talk again, make smart choices, and stop thinking it is me against we. When an adult cannot see that there are many shades or sides to a story, then their beliefs are so set without hope of finding common ground. If they cannot believe that there are other ways, then they are stuck with their ego ahead of their common sense. We have to get away from this, it is negative.

We may not have a lot of rights as kids, but we do NOT have to be the kind of people that we witnessed on TV and we should never be swayed by a single person’s words without listening to the other side of the story.  We can choose to listen, explain and be heard. We all matter. How you conduct yourself will show others that they can be part of a solution. We are the ones who have to clean up and be better than what is happening in the news. As siblings in a special needs family, it is also our role to remind others that intelligence is not just about how smart you are, it is about how you use your sensory abilities to manage a situation whether it is fair or not.