How do you start to balance things? I find it to be hard. School is very important to me so I study hard, but this along can be stressful. Pressures we put on ourselves can be a lot. But, what about the extra things like sports or other extracurricular activities? They are important too. They help with socializing, exercising and just having fun as a kid.  Do you have people who help you find your balance? Do you sometimes feel like you are falling off the Bosu ball? (it is an exercise ball that is curved on top, it takes a lot of balance to stay on top). I use the Bosu ball to get energy out, to clear my mind, to think. Normally I wobble a lot but once in a while you find the spot where you stand on top and everything is balanced. This takes practice, wanting and doing find that balance. Just remember you need to take time and breathe, to think about which things are most important and put them first. Start with making sure the people around you are helpful and supportive of what you do. Being a kid can be hard but when the right people, friends or family or others who care you can get through it.  Ask a trusted adult you know in your community to help. So many people are out there to help, it just takes patience and the right kind of trust to find the ones who will help you.  Have a wonderful long weekend---Ava