Back to School

Back to school, I feel like school just ended. Where did summer go? How do you feel about going back to school? Time to get all the supplies you need and to look at backpacks and lunch boxes. The first day of school can be exciting as you prepare, but the first day isn't always easy for everyone.

By the end of the week, teachers slam you with homework and tests. Then the weekend comes, and now you have to figure out a balance. You realize you still need to make time for activities and your social life along with homework. It’s not easy to do if you would like a social life and after-school activities. Everyone is different so you will have to make this work for you.

We are returning to school still in the middle of Covid with so many unanswered questions. The hope is that the schedules that are created can be consistent during the year so we can keep the balance we are creating. To achieve a healthy balance, on the days you have after-school activities you might want to skip going out with your friends and focus on homework and your activities. On the days you find you have extra time you can either take time to yourself to read a book or listen to some music, but if you rather hang out with friends that's a perfect time to do so. I wish you a happy school year.