Are you resilient?


Are you resilient? The word means the capacity to recover from difficulties. During Covid many people have used this word to get through many changes. I have heard from some friends that they did not do so well with change because this year was not even somewhat predictable. It was a challenge for all of us to keep up with schedules and rules as Covid evolved.

I like to think that I am resilient, and while siblings do present many challenges especially when you spend way too much time together during lockdown, my brother is also resilient. He switched schools in the middle of Covid, he made the transition completely online. It was hard at first, but then it wasn’t. He learned to adapt too.

The ability to take the hardships and find success is a skill. Sometimes we take it for granted. Remember that those of us who are struggling or are not able to fit in due to differences may take longer to adapt. Their resilience helps the rest of us stay focused on what we can do, what we are in control of, and how we can celebrate our own steps forward. There is no time frame or specific path, we all just need to keep moving forward and with whatever pace we feel comfortable.


Have a great week- Ava