Another week under Stay at Home orders

Good morning everyone it's… what day is it again,? Anyone else having trouble remembering the difference between the weekend and a school or workday? I cannot complain. I am healthy, and I hope you are too. The doctors on TV are doing a good job of telling us what we need know. I do not like the politics part, it is not helpful to science.

So what is everyone doing to stay busy? Some people I know are talented enough to sew masks for nurses, doctor and respiratory therapists. Some are writing cards to the elderly, and others are making videos or taking pictures to remember their time “in quarantine.”

Lets face it, this thing is big. It is so big and so sneaky that we just do not know how long this will last. So what can we do but to find so laughter in video conferencing, making tik toks, and maybe even binge watching TV! We are going to be home for a long time. It is going to get boring sometimes but it is important that we do our part to keep ourselves and others safe. -Have a healthy week!- Ava