A new beginning

Yesterday we turned another page in American history. This time it is not just history and it is also herstory. After the fireworks settled over the Mall, the enormity of the progress in the American story continues. As a kid and an immigrant, I fall into an interesting place. I am a U.S. citizen but was born abroad. I see both sides of the story of what it is like to come to America for whatever reason and how some are treated one way and some another. The promise and dignity of yesterday’s inauguration makes me feel good that everyone will get a fair chance.

It was great to see that we have a female vice president finally. It is great to see a diverse platform of individuals representing all of us. We are a country of differences from beliefs to abilities, but everyone is important. A young woman, Amanda Gorman, stood up and recited her poem, “The Hill We Climb.” While she discusses the tribute to all African Americans, it also addressed the riots on the Capitol. In the very place where they took place, she spoke, a female vice president was sworn in, and yes our next president was also sworn in. Where there is pain and brokenness, there was hope in yesterday for our tomorrow. I choose to believe that our country, is still built on dreams as much as opportunity. Hopefully a better understanding of the contradictions that form our country, is still our one nation under God.


Have a happy and safe week- anything is possible when we are given a chance!