A month of giving.......

No way! December is here already! Many will be grateful to see 2020 end. Still, we can do so much in this month and it should be a giving month, not just one day, Giving Tuesday, to make an impact. I hope you think about what you can do to support others this holiday season. Covid-19 is affecting everyone. Many kids are not in school, many places who support kids are shutdown and people are working from home this is not good for morale leading into the Holidays. So how do we make a difference? We give! Give what you can. It is not a big sacrifice; it is a thoughtful gesture to brighten someone’s day. Whether you draw a picture and give it to a grandparent or volunteer where help is needed, it all counts and is meaningful to so many.

As the creator of Ava’s Arch, and a kid,  I urge you to find it in your heart to support organizations that help kids grow, feel good about themselves and develop coping skills during this very stressful time. Special needs kids are especially vulnerable during school closures because their routine changes and supports from school are through a computer screen; and families in need also feel the full weight of a pandemic of this scale. We need to support one another and realize that everything we do is interconnected to something or someone else. Needing each others is ok, and the more we can reach out and make a small difference then it will leave a small mark on our world. Somewhere on this chain of events it will mean something to even a person you did not know you could reach or the person that you are trying to reach.

Have a great week- Ava